Live steam model on 7¼" gauge of the Württembergische T3 no 924

Welcome to this blog. It will inform you about the progress of designing and building miniature live steam, coal fired locomotives for passenger hauling. Currently I'm working on a 7¼" gauge, scale 1:8, German T3 steam locomotive.

In 2006 I started this new project. This is a small 0-6-0 branch line locomotive of German (Königlich Württembergischen Staatseisenbahnen) origin with outside cylinders and Walschaerts valve gear. The loco is about 1.10 metre long and will weigh approx. 100 kg.

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Monday, 2 October 2017

2017 Le Petit Train a Vapeur de Forest, Bruxelles

The first steam outing with the new loco at PTVF

This was 2014; but in 2017 we took the loco for the first time to the magnificent track of the Model Engineering Society of  Le Petit Train a Vapeur de Forest in Brussels.  Their last weekend of the season (end of september) is always a nice happening. A warm welcome and a very interesting track layout, with different loops, crossings and some steep gradients. The different routes are set numerous points and signals.
We had a great weekend and the locomotive performed very well. 
(Don't forget to see the video at the end of this page)

A set of wagons was kindly lent to us to play with this weekend. 

Out of the car and onto the track in front of the main buildings of the ME society. 

In the loco yard, being prepared for the first day of driving. 

On the steaming bay the boiler and tanks were filled and the fire was lit.

Driving on to the turntable.

The main station.

A stop for the signal; waiting for other trains on the mainline.

Robert (the owner of the wagons) took the train for a lap around the track.

Nice size of loco.............

After 8 hours nonstop in steam, the last lap of the day.

To the ash pit to drop the fire

and blowing down the boiler.

At the end of a weekend steaming the engine was cleaned. PTVF has an excellent engine shed to this, where the loco is at comfortable height to clean the motion and frame.

We would like to thank the PTVF for their hospitality and a great weekend! 

A short video of the locomotive in steam at PTVF